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We are proud to generate revenue for Colorado public schools by stewarding trust assets, and we strive to be as transparent as possible about our work.

How can we help you? Contact us by geographic region or leasing type. Or view the full employee contact list if you know the name of the person you're trying to reach.

Before visiting us in-person at one of our seven offices, please check which office serves your county:

Last name First name Title Phone


Adame Hilda District Assistant (Southeast) 719-336-3031 hilda.adame@state.co.us
Albrecht Dale Accounting Technician Apprentice 303-866-3454 ext. 3310 dale.albrecht@state.co.us
Bautista Felicia Budget and Policy Analyst 303-866-3454 ext. 3307 felicia.bautista@state.co.us
Baker Claudia Contracts, Sureties, and Records Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3339 claudia.baker@state.co.us
Bessette Andy Transactions and Record Services Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3324 andy.bessette@state.co.us
Bieri Justin Water Program Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3345 justin.bieri@state.co.us
Bradshaw Heather Accountant 303-866-3454 ext. 3319 heather.bradshaw@state.co.us
Brandt Lindsey Stewardship Trust Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3337 lindsey.brandt@state.co.us
Carlson Cooper Resource Specialist (North Colorado) 970-454-5279 cooper.carlson@state.co.us
Clark Bandy District Assistant (SW)


Earnest Charon Data Systems Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3315 charon.earnest@state.co.us
Freese Steve Minerals Field Technician 303-866-3454 ext. 303-905-2808 steve.freese@state.co.us
Gottsegen Mindy Conservation Services Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3318 mindy.gottsegen@state.co.us
Hurlburt Aaron ROW Technician 303-866-3454 ext. 3312 aaron.hurlburt@state.co.us
Hurst Courtney District Manager (Southwest) 719-589-2360 courtney.hurst@state.co.us
Karg Elissa District Assistant (Northeast) 970-522-0975 elissa.karg@state.co.us
Kemp Kristin Outreach and Communications Officer 303-866-3454 ext. 3330 kristin.kemp@state.co.us
Koranda Christel Minerals Director 303-866-3454 ext. 3321 christel.koranda@state.co.us
LaFontaine Matthew Acquisition and Disposition Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3335 matthew.lafontaine@state.co.us
Lee Sherry Resource Extraction Technician 303-866-3454 ext. 3322 sherry.lee@state.co.us
Leingang Jeri Assistant District Manager (North Central) 970-454-5279 jeri.leingang@state.co.us
Lindsey Marina Auditor 303-866-3454 ext. 3308 marina.lindsey@state.co.us
Logan Shawn Planning Specialist 303-866-3454 ext. 3346 shawn.logan@state.co.us
Majors Julie Real Estate Portfolio Agent 303-866-3454 ext. 3336 julie.majors@state.co.us
Markham Le Ann District Assistant (South Central) 719-543-7403 leann.markham@state.co.us
Majich Rachel Executive Administrator and Office Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3306 rachel.majich@state.co.us
Massie Nick Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer 303-866-3454 ext. 3316 nick.massie@state.co.us
McAninch Mike Investment Officer 303-866-3454 ext. 3323 mike.mcaninch@state.co.us
McVaugh Michael Contracts Technician (Real Estate) 303-866-3454 ext. 3329 michael.mcvaugh@state.co.us
Medina Abraham Recreation Program Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3342 abraham.medina@state.co.us
Ochis Greg Assistant Director 303-866-3454 ext. 3309 greg.ochis@state.co.us
Pillmore Mariah District Manager (South Central) 719-543-7403 mariah.pillmore@state.co.us
Price Jesse Resource Specialist 719-543-7403 jesse.price@state.co.us
Ritterholz Veronica Finance Manager and Controller 303-866-3454 ext. 3341 veronica.ritterholz@state.co.us
Rodenberg David ROW and Tower Sites Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3328 david.rodenberg@state.co.us
Ryan Bill Director 303-866-3454 ext. 3314 bill.ryan@state.co.us
Smith Chris Real Estate Section Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3327 christopher.smith@state.co.us
Smith Jerod District Manager (Northwest) 970-879-9992 jerod.smith@state.co.us
Spitellie Peggy District Assistant (Northwest) 970-879-9992 peggy.spitellie@state.co.us
Stitt Catie Oil and Gas Specialist 303-866-3454 ext. 3326 catie.stitt@state.co.us
Strickert Wilbur District Manager (Northeast) 970-522-0975 wilbur.strickert@state.co.us
Swainston Polly (Pauline) Accountant 303-866-3454 ext. 3332 pauline.swainston@state.co.us
Teschner Benjamin Solid Minerals Leasing Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3313 benjamin.teschner@state.co.us
Turner Rachel District Manager (North Central) 970-454-5279 rachel.turner@state.co.us
Van Dyk Eric District Manager (South East) 719-336-3031 eric.vandyk@state.co.us
Woolston William Field Operations Supervisor  720-557-6379 william.woolston@state.co.us
Young Kimberly Procurement Manager 303-866-3454 ext. 3331 kimberly.young@state.co.us