Asset Management Plans


Asset Management Plans are written for large trust land properties -- typically 25,000 acres or more.  

We use these plans to:

  • Describe the property's history and natural resources. 
  • Identify asset development potential for each property.
  • Set goals, objectives, priorities, and management strategies for each property specifically.
  • Adapt to changing financial, environmental, and social conditions at each property.

The plans provide for the management of natural resources and often encourage multipurpose use of those assets.


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State Land Board staff works collaboratively to prepare the asset management plans, evaluating property information and other data, and writing sections based on their expertise. We visit the property, interview the lessees, and develop goals and action steps for each property.

Staff uses the AMPs to describe the property's history and natural resources, identify asset development potential and opportunities, set goals and objectives of each asset management plan to establish action steps and work plans for these large properties. These plans lay out a strategy for improving the overall value of the large asset over time, making sure that the Board, staff, and lessees possess a common vision for the property over time. The plans provide for the management of natural resources and usually encourages multipurpose use of those assets.