We issue permits when we receive requests for short-term land access and only if there will be little or no impact to the land. Permit types include:

  • exploration,
  • road access,
  • temporary access,
  • commercial filming/photography.


Permits are short-term agreements for uses on State Land Board property that are low or no impact in nature.  Typically State Land Board Permits are five years or less.

  • Exploration Permits are issued for Mineral development, require a Restoration Bond and are for less than 12 months.
  • Temporary Access Permits are issued for use on surface property and do not exceed 12 months.
  • Road Access Permits are for use on surface property for five years or less, however they can be issued for 10 years with Board approval.
  • Disposal Well Permits are associated with oil and gas development.  The length of the agreement coincides with the oil and gas development.

Yes. Staff has the authority to issue Permits for the timeframes according to the respective uses.  Any longer time periods are presented to the Board for approval.

Yes, there is a policy adopted by the Board for Permits.  Please note, other Board policies may be applicable as well.

See the State Land Board’s Fees & Payment Considerations schedule for details.

The requirement for a bond and/or liability insurance will be specified in the lease, permit or contract.  The amount of the bond will also be specified in the lease, permit or contract.  See the State Land Board’s Bonding FAQs for more information.