The State Land Board requires monthly production data to be submitted on the State Land Board Royalty Report Form. The Royalty Report Form must be transmitted electronically to our office concurrent with your royalty payment. Royalty payments are due each month on the last business day of the month. Contact Heather Bradshaw, Accountant, at heather.bradshaw@state.co.us at 303-866-3454 x 3319 for assistance with royalty data submission and payment.


Oil and gas payers must continue to file the standard royalty production data by the established deadlines. To file production data for wells that are impacted by the negative market, insert a zero value in the Royalty Paid field of our Royalty Report Form. The Land Board cannot accept credits against royalty in an inverted market. 

For information regarding bitcoin mining, view the document 'bitcoin mining notice to operators.'


The royalty forms are provided in two formats for your convenience. They are posted immediately below as thumbnails (these thumbnails work best in Chrome). They are also posted as links at the bottom of the page (these links work best in browsers other than Chrome or for computers that have have security settings that do not allow access to google documents).

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